Togetherness vs. alone time

Mor cohen

12 Nov 2020

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We were taught that in order to find and nurture a good relationship, we should be able to enjoy our ‘alone time’ – or in other words, be a complete person, who has a lot of interests, a rich personal inner world, one who enjoys their alone time and needs their space. We were also told, that in marriage, each individual should have their own life, one that they should share parts of with their partner.


How much space in Relationship is normal?


A new study’s findings might surprise you!

The book The 4 Foundations of Love is based on extensive research, in which successful couples have been interviewed. The couples who were chosen have been together for many long years and attest they are still in love more than ever.

But more importantly, the findings of the research show that couples who are still in love with one another, prefer to do everything together. Even though, for some, it may seem a complete waste of time.

"Doing things together – it’s not a chore"

'The 4 Foundations Of Love'

Everything together  


For them, doing things on their own, without being able to share these experiences with their significant other, is nothing less than sheer punishment. Without being able to share their interests and inner world, they feel less and less like a couple and more like roommates, or people who just happen to be living together.

Which is why successful couples recommend making time for each other and enjoy doing as many things as you can together.

"Beware of spending time apart, It might be a recipe to creating a gap in your relationship"

'The 4 Foundations Of Love'

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Mor Cohen is a researcher and entrepreneur in the medical field. She has an M.Sc.Med and MBA, as well as being a qualified NLP therapist, assisting couples overcoming breakups and relationship crises.​ An author of ‘The 4 Foundations Of Love – Reshape your relationship & Make it last forever’.

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