You Help Him to Pave His Way Out of Relationship

Mor cohen

25 October 2020

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Relationshhip making threats
Credit: Damir Spanic

You have a go to method every time you struggle to get what you want; you threaten to leave him! It may have brought you this far, but you were in fact, unknowingly – helping him pave his way out. And soon, if you push this method a little further, you might lose him forever.


What happens in his mind?


Imagine the following scenario: you are working at a café and your boss is disappointed by a mistake you made. Then he threatens to fire you. You may find yourself apologizing the first time it happens, perhaps even on the second and third times. But then something will shift… you will start imaging what would actually happen if you were fired… suddenly, it doesn’t seem too bad; you will finally be able to find a better job, move forward, perhaps travel the world and enjoy your life…

The next time your boss gets mad and makes his threats again, you will probably simply smile and give your resignation.


"When you make threats, he starts unconsciously looking for the exit sign"​

'The 4 Foundations Of Love'

This love is for life


As part of writing The 4 Foundations of Love, countless relationships, of couples who have been together for over 5 years, were studied. These couples were happy with one another almost in every aspect. All couples, without any exceptions, have declared they have never threatened to leave one another. Why? Because they knew they were in it for life. 


By refusing to believe a scenario in which they will not be together, they are following the third foundation – The Sacred Bond – according to which they will together forever. Even when going through rough patches, meltdowns, fights, disagreements – you name it – the message should be: we are here to stay. No matter what.

“All it takes it 3 to 4 times for threats to mads, and for you to start finding there are plenty of other good options out there” ​

'The 4 Foundations Of Love '

Do you want to learn how to create a scared bond and make your relationship eternal all while learning to handle your partner’s annoying habits?

Just pick up my book in the link; The 4 foundations of love.

Mor Cohen is a researcher and entrepreneur in the medical field. She has an M.Sc.Med and MBA, as well as being a qualified NLP therapist, assisting couples overcoming breakups and relationship crises.​ An author of ‘The 4 Foundations Of Love – Reshape your relationship & Make it last forever’.

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