Future Dimension

the promise of a mutual future.

Future Dimension – While “mediocre” couples talk of vague joint ambitions, like the will to buy an apartment or raise a family, successful couples created a living ‘future dimension’, clear and magical, which made them fall in love and stick to one another even more. They created a ‘future dimension’ into which they were sucked whenever they talked about it and were able to engage me as well when they spoke of it, as if it was a trailer to a movie where they were the lead characters.

During the years, I have found that many men and women are afraid to talk about their shared future for a fear it might stress out the other partner. Some feared that if they cultivated the partner by creating a ‘future dimension’, they might fulfill it with a different partner. But unlike creating a shared aspiration, creating a ‘future dimension’ entails the realization of the highest moral scale of each of them and a merging, so that each partner sees the best future version of themselves as dependent on the current relationship.

According to the ‘future dimension’:

  • If you are single, you will learn to identify ‘players’ and stay clear of them. Also, you will learn how a ‘future dimension’ could save you a lot of time.
  • You will learn why a relationship with a ‘future dimension’ is more containing and forgiving when it comes to controversial situations.
  • If you are in a relationship, you can learn how to take it to the next level easily and gladly.
  • If you are in a gray and boring relationship, you will learn how to turn your relationship into a magical one and create a bond that is hard to break, by creating a ‘future dimension’.
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