Sacred Bond

the relationship’s sacred element and the couple’s divine connection.

 SACRED BOND – This is the stage in which the couple has decided that they are moving forward to an exclusive relationship. But, unlike other couples, successful couples regard their relationship as a ‘sacred bond’ at this point. This stage does not require a wedding or any other religious ceremony, it is simply the sanctifying of the relationship using language. Successful couples use terms such as: once in a lifetime love’, ‘soulmates’, ‘if I were a woman, I would be like her’, and so on. The way in which they described their relationship was much like a unity of two people, two parts of the same sum.

According to the ‘Sacred Bond’ foundation:

  • If you are single, you will learn how to sanctify your next relationship and strengthen it, so you will feel safe and confident in it, guaranteeing yourself that this love will last forever.
  • If you are in a relationship, you will learn how the ‘Sacred Bond’ foundation will create a divine connection between the two of you.
  • If you are in a relationship, you will learn how the ‘Sacred Bond foundation can teach you to look differently at your daily tasks, so you can intensify the love you share.
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