Unwritten Agreement

the essence of words used instinctively and their impact on the quality of the relationship

UNWRITTEN AGREEMENT – This agreement sets the boundaries of the relationship and each one of the people in it. Although the ‘unwritten agreement’ starts when you meet, it is expressed throughout the relationship, in an almost unconscious way. The ‘unwritten agreement’ of each one dictates the pace of the relationship and will determine if the relationship advances to a mature love and whether the two can establish it.

Each couple, whoever they may be, has their own ‘unwritten agreement’. However, the successful couples I have met have a unique ‘unwritten agreement’,  using a language pattern which is unique to this foundation, the partner engages in this rhetoric, which is then shared and common.

According to the ‘Unwritten agreement’ foundation:

  • If you are single, you can learn how to advance the relationship according to your conditions, in a simple and easy way.
  • If all your relationships ended after a few weeks, against your will, you will learn to rewrite the ‘unwritten agreement’ so that you can take charge of your relationship and shape a better one, on your own terms.
  • If you are in a relationship, you can learn how to rewrite the ‘unwritten contract’ and set new boundaries without having to convince  your partner or have long conversations about it.
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