The guide, The 4 Foundations Of Love, is based on a fascinating study, in which 83 couples, in a long standing relationship, were interviewed for one purpose: to understand what makes them to experience their relationship as successful and unique, what makes them feel they have found ‘the one’.

According to an NLP modeling, 4 crucial stages have been found, which all these couples share:


The moment in which we achieve the realization that this is our destines partner

In the first few weeks the relationship starts to form and the partners’ hearts open. There is a feeling that someone else is fulfilling all my needs, sees me, puts me in the center. At this stage, the couple focuses on searching for what they have in common and it seems that what they have in common outweighs what they do not. The feeling of rareness starts to form between the two, it may have even begun when they met, which was coincidental and extraordinary, as if God himself planned it or a feeling of rareness for having found a person who ‘suits’ us so much. After we are convinced of the relationship’s rareness and are able to differentiate the uniqueness of the potential partner from the rest, we allow ourselves to go into a state of euphoria and infatuation, which can last up to 5 years.

According to the ‘rareness’ foundation:

  • If you are single, the rareness foundation will teach you how to allow your potential partner and yourself to open your hearts and begin relationships with a cosmic connection.
  • If you are in a relationship, you understand the importance of the rareness foundation on the entire relationship and how remembering it, once in a few years, can contribute to a feeling of renewed spark.
  • If you have gone through a breakup and want to get over your ex, you can learn how your initial meeting led to your infatuation and how you can defuse it. 
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